Fatherhood Weekend Retreats

Fatherhood Weekend Retreats

Fatherhood Weekend Retreats hosted and facilitated by the Fatherhood Support Network are specifically designed for fathers who want to get away and relax while  reaffirming or learning  new parenting skills and receiving support from other committed fathers without having to miss more than one day of work. The weekend begins with a catered dinner Friday night and an introductory session. On Saturday, Workshops and Group Discussions are scheduled throughout the day addressing topics in the areas of: “Self-Development”; “Strengthening Families”; and, “Men Supporting Men.”

          We  offer two types of weekend retreats: Christian theme and General theme. We understand and respect that the millions of committed fathers in America come from a wide range of backgrounds, faiths and beliefs. While all of our retreats address spirituality, registrants have the option of specifically registering for a Christian-themed weekend retreat that exclusively focuses on biblical principles as the foundation for the practices and beliefs on parenting, family and community.

          Package #1 represents our standard retreat which is held in Las Vegas, Nevada where the headquarters of the Fatherhood Support Network is located. These retreats are “Waiting List” driven (dates are scheduled once a minimum of 15 people have expressed a strong interest in attending a Fatherhood Weekend Retreat). Because our Fatherhood Weekend Retreats can be customized and tailored to meet the specific needs of a church or organization, Package #2 provides an overview for churches or organizations considering hosting a one-day or full weekend workshop or retreat on-site or at a designated venue in the city where their church or organization is located. By hosting a weekend retreat in your city, this also can make attending a weekend retreat more affordable for a larger number of participants from your organization or church. 


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